About a Swim Meet 

Before discussing the swim meet survival kit, we all should know that swimming is no doubt one of the top 20 sports in the world. The sport’s existence and rules allow people from different backgrounds to participate in it, kids and handicapped individuals are not exempted. Swimming is not only a sports game, it is also an exercise recommended by health officials to develop the strength of an individual body.

Individuals also learn this sport for lifesaving purposes. There are situations where accidents happen at boat cruises, having firsthand knowledge on how to swim will come in handy to help any individual save his or her life in such a critical situation.

Swim Meet Survival Kit

While in high school, I experienced a situation at a swim meet hosted by the school authorities: A bully pushed his victim who couldn’t swim into the swimming pool because the victim was having a conversation with his girlfriend, no one had an idea of what transpired between the two students before the incident.

At that moment, I imagined what could have happened in such a situation where there is no one capable of helping the victim swim out of the pool. In such a case, If the victim has any knowledge of swimming it would be a life-saving skill for him.

There have been different theories about swimming being one of the most dangerous sports in the world. In my opinion, I believe every sport in the world has its specific risks, therefore, I consider these theories true and accurate. Humans aren’t meant to stay long in the water, unlike aquatic creatures, for this reason, it takes huge risks, excellent swimming skills, and experience to participate in a swim meet.

Swim Meet Survival Kit

Despite the risks and dangers attached to the swimming sport, the fun, enjoyment, benefits, and beauty of the sport make humans fall in love more with the sport.

For humans to survive and be safe in a swimming pool or at a swim meet, different swimming kits have been made by professionals to safeguard individuals who participate in swimming exercises, swimming tutorials, swim meets, or swimming competitions.

As a professional swimmer with 5 years of experience, below are the top 14 best swim meet survival kits I always recommend for my students to get.

Note: Every product I recommend in this article is based on my use, experience, and my student’s experience with the product.

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Why should you buy these swim meet survival kit products?

The main reason I am recommending these products is that they are well researched and I have had experiences using them at different swim meets and I can vow which is better than the other.

These products are cheaper and will save you a lot of money, especially if you are on a budget, they are high-quality ones and I am 100% sure when you see the reviews or star ratings of the products, you won’t be disappointed with what I recommend.

You can also order a customized product that you want according to your taste or desire through the product links i recommend.

Below is a video that shows you how to purchase these products and how to know the supplier of each product is legit.


Top 14 Best Swim Meet Survival Kit For Kids and Adults

1. Life Jackets

Swim Meet Survival Kit

One of the best and most important swim meet survival kit is a life jacket. A life jacket is a swimming aid that is used to help swimmers stay afloat while in the water. It protects candidates who are beginners in swimming or who have no swimming experience from drowning when they are in the water. Life jackets are not only used by swimmers, they are also used on ships and other transportation machines on water surfaces for protection and safety in case of emergencies.

Swim Meet Survival Kit

It is recommended to wear a well-fitted life jacket to be on the safe side in case of emergency. They cost between $10 to $100 depending on the quality of the product, the size of the product, and the location of the company selling the product.

Below are the quality, and durable life jackets I have used and recommend to my students according to their age, size, or budget. I advise you to get any one of these jackets suitable for you and I am assuring you that you will never regret buying them.

Category Product Link
Best for Adults Adult personalized swimming life jacket
Best for KidsKids swim life jacket
For a tight budget (adult)Adults life vest
For a tight budget (kids)Children life jacket

2. Arm Floaties

Swim Meet Survival Kit

Another important swim meet survival kit is the swim arm floaties: Swim arm floaties are safe and efficient swimming aids worn by swimming enthusiasts that are beginners in swimming, they are also worn by kids and sometimes grown-ups to keep them afloat in the pool or prevent them from drowning.

Arm floaties which are also referred to as armbands are mostly used by kids or toddlers, Parents of young children that have limited swimming abilities mostly find it tiring to look over the children when they are in the pool, as it is seen as a stressful task that requires time, energy, and commitment.

To make the task easier, parents get the arm floating for their kids to help them float and aid movement in the pool. This will lessen the stress the parent goes through while still maintaining supervision. They cost between $10 to $50 depending on the product quality.

Below is one of the best swim arm floats i recommend.

CategoryProduct Link
Best for kidsKids swim arm floats

3. Swimming Clothes

Swim Meet Survival Kit

There are numerous and different choices of clothing ready for use for swimmers of all body shapes and body sizes. Swimming clothes are meant to be comfortable while they are worn, and not to disturb or interfere with your skills while swimming in the water. Even though people have the freedom to decide the type of swimming clothes they desire or want, it is a must for every swimmer to wear some specific type of swimming clothes due to gender reasons or the condition of an individual body.

Below are some of the specific types of swimming clothes that are compulsory due to some of the reasons stated above:

1. Men’s swimming clothes

2. Swim shirts or wet suits

3. Women’s swimming clothes

Men’s swimming clothes

These types of swimming clothes are worn by men when they go swimming. They are likely to be shorts and are created with a fabric material that will dry quicker if spread out in the sun. Different kinds of swim clothes are worn by swimmers, depending on the desire or choice of the person.

There are also short swimming clothes, fitted swimming trunks. They are often called speedo. These are swimming clothes worn by competitive swimmers at a swim meet or any other swimming competition.

Men’s swimming clothes can be purchased at any clothing or sports equipment store, and they are priced starting from $5 to $80, depending on the brand and quality of the product.

Swimming clothes are the number one swim meet survival kits to consider before swimming at a swim meet, below are the best types of men’s swimming clothes i recommend for easy movement in the pool. 

CategoryProduct Link
Best for males (kids inclusive)Male swimwear
For a tight budget (men)Men bathing suits

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Swimming shirt or wet suits

A swimming shirt or a wet suit is a swimming accessory that can provide additional safety, and also make a swimmer comfortable while swimming. Swimming shirts could be sleeveless, sleeved, or long-sleeved. They are often worn to make a swimmer get heated while they are in the water. They are mostly made of rubber neoprene. Swimming shirts are mostly made for adults and their price range from $15 and above, and this depends on the material and brand of the product.

Check out my recommended products below

CategoryProduct Link
Short sleeve for menShort sleeve swim wet suit
Best long sleeve for menLong sleeve diving wet suit
Best short sleeve for womenNeoprene short sleeve wet suit
Long sleeve for womenFemale long sleeve wet suit
Best for kids (male and female)Neoprene kids wetsuit

Women’s swimming clothes

These are the clothes that women wear both for amusement, at a beach, at a swim meet, or competitive swimming. Depending on the individual, women can wear a two-piece or a one-piece swimming suit.

Professional and well skilled swimmers wear tight or fitted one-piece swimsuits to develop their aerodynamics.

Women’s swim clothes differ in price depending on your choice. These swimming clothes are mostly made of fabric, polyester, and dry if left out for a while. They are priced between $5 and above.

Check out the recommended products below

CategoryProduct Link
Best for a swim meet (Adult female)One piece tommy control swimwear
Best for a beach swim (Adult & children)Beach bikini swimwear
Best for kids (female)Kids bikini swimwear

4. Swimming Earplugs

Swim Meet Survival Kit

Swimming earplugs are specially designed or customized pairs of devices that are used to prevent water from entering the swimmer’s ears while swimming. The earplugs keep the swimmer’s ear dry and protect the ear from the intrusion of water into the ear, which can lead to the growth of a disease such as swimmers’ ears.

These earplugs are mostly worn by professional swimmers and this is mostly because they’ve suffered from previous ear infections. Swimming earplugs are also recommended by health officials to reduce the risk of growing infection in the ear. They cost between $1 to $10.

CategoryProduct Link
The best recommended earplugsWaterproof swimming earplug

5. Swim Goggles

Swim Meet Survival Kit

Swim goggles are worn by swimmers to safeguard their eyes from the water and chemical elements in swimming pools. They are also worn so that swimmers can always be ready to open their eyes very well while they are underwater.

Every swimmer needs a swim goggle to keep their eyes open underwater to check wherever they are moving towards while in the water and to continue swimming in their desired direction.

Swim goggles cost between $2 and $30. Swim goggles vary a lot from each other depending on the size and shape of each of them. The ones that fit tight are the best and most effective for swimmers so the water stays out of the glasses and their eyes.

CategoryProduct Link
Best swim goggles for adultsUV protection swim goggles
Best swim goggles for kidsKids UV swim goggles

6. Swim Rings

Swim Meet Survival Kit

Swim rings are round-shaped and rubber-made swimming aid that non-swimmers or beginners in swimming put around their chest to stay afloat in the swimming pool. Swimming rings help beginners, especially kids gain more confidence while in the swimming pool.

They fall in the same category as the likes of arm floaties and life jackets. A swim ring is also called a swim tube. They cost between $2 to $30.

CategoryProduct Link
Best recommended swim ring for kids & adultsInflatable ring floats

7. Swim Snorkels

Swim Meet Survival Kit

Snorkels are used to aid breathing while underwater so that the swimmer will concentrate on other components of the stroke without an overhead-water breath breaking up their tempo. Swim snorkels can also be used for breath management if a cap is placed on the respiratory tube.

Snorkels are also used for swimmers in lakes or oceans. With snorkels, swimmers can keep their focus on what is below or underneath them, which can be a beautiful sea bottom. They cost between $5 to $100.

CategoryProduct Link
Best recommended swim snorkelSwimming snorkel tube

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8. Nose Clips

Swim Meet Survival Kit

The nose clip almost serves the same purpose as the earplugs but in this case, the nose clips protect the nose from the intrusion of water during aquatic activities. They are designed to prevent chlorine water in the pool from entering the nostrils or the breathed air from escaping while swimming. They are made of bent wire which is padded with rubber. They cost between $1 to $15.

CategoryProduct Link
Best recommended nose clipNew design waterproof nose clip

9. Swim Caps

Swim Meet Survival Kit

A swim cap is an elastic cap that is a product of plastic or rubber that is usually worn on the top of the head of a swimmer. Swimmers wear the caps to protect their hair from getting wet, however, with the swim caps on their heads, their hair can still get a bit wet, with the purpose of the swim cap protecting the hair from totally getting damped.

Swimmers wear swim caps for the closure of their hair and to boost their aerodynamics. These facilitate swimmers to move quicker in the pool. Every competitive swimmer wears their swim caps throughout a swim meet or competition. They’re priced between $1 and $20.

CategoryProduct Link
Adults recommended swim cap for both genderSuitable silicone swim cap
Best swim cap for kidsKids cartoon silicone swimming cap

10. Swim Fins

Swim Meet Survival Kit

Swim fins are rubber fins that swimmers put on their feet to aid movement in the water bodies. They’re most typically used by divers who are diving into deep waters or exploring in deep waters. Swimming fins are also used by swimming enthusiasts in a pool to assist themselves and also to improve their kicking while swimming. Fins can increase the ability of a swimmer’s kicks. There are completely different sizes to suit different-sized feet, and they are valued between $10 and $200.

CategoryProduct Link
Best for adults (both gender)Adults Silicon professional swim fins
For a tight budget (adult)Long fins diving flipper
Best for childrenSilicone training diving fins

11. Swim Headphones

Swim Meet Survival Kit

Swim headphones are water-resistant headphones that stay put in a swimmer’s ears at a swim meet while they’re swimming. They’re not capable to be worn at a similar time as swim earplugs. Swim headphones are mostly Bluetooth which permits the phone to play music and also be set down near the pool or outside of the pool.

Swim headphones differ in price, counting on the standard, however, tend to be costly. You’re more likely to get these headphones at headphones companies or earbud companies like Sony, Beats, or Panasonic for around $150 and upward.

Below is one of my best, and recommended headphones for swimmers.

CategoryProduct Link
Best recommended for swimmingOpen ear waterproof headphone

12. Mesh Bags

Swim Meet Survival Kit

A swim mesh bag is a bag that is sometimes a bit smaller than a backpack, and it tends to own a string. A mesh bag is occasionally brought around by swimmers to hold their stuff, so even once it gets wet, it will dry out. Folks can place their swimming suits, goggles, towels, and other additional swimming kits in a swimming mesh bag. They’re sold-out for between $5 and $30. This bag keeps your swimming outfits along in one place.

CategoryProduct Link
Best recommended mesh bagSwimming mesh bag

13. Water Bottles

Swim Meet Survival Kit

A swim water bottle is like every other water bottle used by kids, gymnasts, and other athletes. It is necessary to be hydrous before, during, and when you are done with the exercise. While you are swimming in the pool, you do not want to drink that pool water which consists of chlorine as it is not healthy in any way for the body system. Taking a water bottle full of clean water along with you to drink from during or after your swimming activities is a wise and vital decision for people that go swimming. Most water bottles can be bought for less than $10.

Below is a link to the type of water bottle i recommend for my students. 

CategoryProduct Links
Best recommended water bottle1 Liter Frosted Tritan Plastic Bottle

14. Towels

Swim Meet Survival Kit

Everyone generally considers a towel as a body drying or wiping cloth. We often use towels in our homes after having our baths. The same thing goes for the swimmers, they make use of the swim towel to wipe and dry off the water on their bodies when they get out of the water and when they have finished swimming.

There is a huge difference between a swim towel and a home towel, swim towels are a little bit thinner than home towels, with home towels’ purpose being for drying the body after a shower. Swim towels are thinner so that they can easily be packed and transported alongside other kits in the mesh bag. Swim towels cost between $10 and $20.

CategoryProduct Link
Best recommended swim towelSunland microfiber sports towel