Do you remember the time when you had to take your baby to swimming lessons? The way your little one struggled, cried, and resisted must have left you speechless. Well, there is nothing strange about it. It is quite common for babies to hate swimming classes.

In this article, we will take a look at why that happens and what can be done in such situations. Most people tend to say that; the majority of these babies don’t like to get wet or get their hair wet because they think that water will destroy their hairstyle.

I have also heard from some parents that, some babies are scared of water due to some past experiences such as almost drowning when they were an infant or when they were too small for the swimming activity.

Are these reasons truly what could make a baby hates swimming lessons? let’s get right into it!

baby hates swimming lessons

What are the reasons a baby hates swimming lessons?

When kids hate something, they start showing signs of it. When it comes to hating swimming classes, the signs can be very different from one baby to another baby. Some of the reasons that make a baby hate swimming lessons are the following:

  1. Some babies have very sensitive skin: There are many reasons why a baby might dislike swimming lessons, and one of them could be because babies have very sensitive skin.

    Since they have very sensitive skin, some chemicals used in pool water can cause itching, rashes, and dry patches on a baby’s skin. If a baby is facing such a situation, then swimming lessons could be a nightmare for him/her.

  2. Fear of water: Water has many elements that can make us uncomfortable. The temperature, the pressure, the hardness, the color, the smell. Many babies are scared of water because of these elements mentioned, thus they do not like to be in the pool.
  3. Fear of getting the hair wet: Many babies have a really strong attachment to their hair. In this case, they will hate swimming lessons because they will make their precious hair wet.
  4. Another reason could be that your baby may not be comfortable wearing a bathing suit, and he or she may find it hard to move around in it. This can be especially true if your baby is still being fed with a bottle.

    If your baby is not comfortable with the outfit in the water, then swimming lessons won’t be much fun.

  5. Bad experience during swimming lessons: If a baby doesn’t feel at ease during swimming classes, he or she might associate them with a bad experience.

    The fear of water, the fear of getting the hair wet, the discomfort, and the inability to be comfortable might trigger a dislike for swimming lessons.

Baby hates swimming lessons

How to deal with the problems?

Some of the babies are naturally comfortable in the water, and they love the experience, at the same time, others struggle, thus making them continue to hate the swimming activity.

Baby hates swimming lessons

If your little one is having issues keeping up in the water, you should try to help him or she overcome these problems. Here are a few tips that will help with this problem:

  1. Avoid taking an over-tired baby to the pool.
  2. Talk to your baby: Babies like to be heard and understood, and they love to have a conversation. You can help your child overcome their dislike for water by talking to them.

    Let them know that the water is harmless, and will not hurt them in any way. Let them know that they will have fun in the water. Talking to your child can help them overcome their dislike for swimming lessons.

  3. Comfort your child: If your child is uncomfortable, you can help them in many ways. Some of these ways are bringing some toys and pillows to the pool.

    Let your child know that you are there for them, and you will make sure that they are comfortable. Let them know that the water is warm and will not hurt them.

    Make sure that every aspect of the swimming lessons is comfortable for your little one.

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Baby hates swimming lessons

How can you make a baby feel comfortable in a pool?

For some babies, the water is a very scary place. They are not comfortable and relaxed in this environment, and they do not like swimming lessons at all.

If your child is like this, you need to help them become more comfortable in the water. You can do this by following these tips:

  1. Use a life jacket: If your child is too young to be safe in the water without assistance, you should bring a life jacket to the swimming pool. A life jacket will help keep your baby safe and help them feel more comfortable in the water.
  2. Use a swim ring: The swim ring is part of the swimming kit that will help you keep the baby afloat in the water without having to worry about him or drowning.

    Using the swim ring for buoyancy will make the baby more comfortable in the swimming pool, giving him or her a little bit of confidence. Make sure someone is monitoring the baby.

  3. One of the best ways to make a baby feel comfortable in a pool is to make him/her familiar with water from an early age. You can begin by taking your baby to a pool a few times a week.

    If your baby is very young, start by gently lowering him/her into the water while sitting on your lap. You can do the same with a baby who is old enough to stand but still small enough to sit in your lap.

  4. Bring toys to the pool: Bags full of toys will make the swimming lessons more enjoyable for your baby. They will help them become more comfortable in the water and have fun.
  5. Lastly, be consistently doing all of the above. Take your baby to a swimming pool as often as you can. The more time your baby spends in a pool, the more comfortable he or she will feel.

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Baby hates swimming lessons

How can you help babies enjoy their swimming lessons?

If your baby is struggling with swimming lessons, you can try to make the experience more exciting for them. Here are a few tips that will help:

  1. Make the experience playful: Playfulness will make the swimming classes fun for your baby. You can bring some toys to the pool that will make the experience more playful and fun.
  2. Bring bubbles to the pool: Bubbles can add fun to the baby’s swimming lessons. Bubbles will make the experience more enjoyable for your baby, and they will love the activity.
  3. Let your baby wear a bathing suit they love: If your baby loves to wear a certain type of bathing suit, you should bring that suit to the swimming lessons.

    Choosing a piece of clothing that your baby likes will make them more comfortable during the activity.

  4. If your baby loves music, you can also take him or her to a swimming lesson with a few music CDs of his or her age.
Baby hates swimming lessons

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Babies will always be curious about their surroundings. When babies are up to 2 years old and above, they are ready for their first swimming class.

Unfortunately, not all babies enjoy being in the water, and some will even cry during swimming class. The best way to deal with this issue is to get your baby used to the water as soon as possible.

Make sure your baby wears comfortable clothing and uses toys that will keep their attention to the lessons.

Baby hates swimming lessons

If your baby is still too young to go to a swimming pool, you can also try making a mini-pool in your backyard or a small plastic pool inside your home. It will be a great way to introduce your baby to water and make him or her comfortable with it.

Remember that babies grow up really fast, so you should start planning swimming lessons early. The tips listed above will help your baby become more comfortable in the water and enjoy their swimming class.

Don’t forget! Baby swimming classes are a fun way for your child to learn how to swim while also getting some early childhood development skills.