You must be wondering about what aqua one lifestyle 190 aquarium is, or you must have probably heard and learned about it but you are looking for an honest review about the product before you purchase it.

Do not panic, this article will reveal everything you need to know about the aqua one lifestyle 190 including my experience with it.

How i Started Using the Aqua One Lifestyle 190

Ever since i was a kid, i admired different species of fish and their swimming skills, goldfish has always been one of my favorites pet right from childhood. My admiration for beautiful fishes made me rare and grow different species of pet fish.

Swimming Goldfish in the Aqua One Lifestyle 190

I’ve had different problems growing my aquatic pets and one of the issues i’ve faced is getting a habitat or housing for them, getting a conducive place that won’t make me lose them, or a place that won’t kill them.

While raising my first sets of fish pets, i have tried different methods of housing them and most of the methods have not been favorable.

When i was age 13, i built a small fish pond beside my mom’s garden for a particular specie of fish (goldfish), yeah, i built a fish pond for a goldfish and it never went well. Funny right? that’s how i smile anytime i remember the funny things i’ve done as a kid.

I had to do that because my parents won’t let me raise the fish inside the house. I practiced that idea as a result of what i’ve seen my friends practice with their catfish.

Later on, i realized i wasn’t doing it the right way. When i discovered this, i made up my mind to learn everything about taking care of aquatic pets and growing them.

Kid using the Aqua One Lifestyle 190 to learn about the goldfish

I used my holidays to learn about the aquatic animals and their habitats, i took fishery classes too and i learned a better way to grow my fish pets with the aqua one lifestyle 190.

What is Aqua One Lifestyle 190?

The aqua one lifestyle 190 is a brand product of an aquarium company called “Aqua one”. It is a transparent container, a transparent glass tank, and a type of aquatic equipment used in housing aquatic creatures such as fish, and aquatic plants.

Lady staring at an aqua one lifestyle 190 with beautiful fishes

It is generally called an aquarium. The “190” attached to the product name simply refers to the volume the aqua one lifestyle can contain, which is 190L (liter).

What Does the Aqua One Lifestyle 190 do?

The Aqua One Lifestyle 190 delivers various styles, versatility, and functionality with simple use, guaranteeing a successful first experience in fish keeping.

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The Aqua One Lifestyle 190 matching cabinet range offers a powerful and classy style with space for storing aquarium equipment.

The Aqua One Lifestyle 190 is equipped with LED lighting, a hinged lid, and a filter to keep the water clean.

Features of the Aqua One Lifestyle 190

  • Type: coldwater, tropical.
  • Size:100W x 43D x 56cm H.
  • Volume (L): 190.
  • Lighting: 29.5W LED.
  • Filtration: Top Filter.
  • Flow Rate: 1100L/hr.
  • Voltage: 220 ~ 240V AC.
  • It is available in two colours: Black, White.
  • Length (Cm): 100.
  • It includes a filter.
  • It excludes a heater, it is sold separately.
  • It includes a light.
  • It has a matching stand or cabinet.

Why is the Aqua One Lifestyle 190 worth buying?

A). The main reason I am recommending this product is that it helped me solve my long-time issue of housing my pets and it makes growing the pets easier due to its outstanding features. It will solve the problems of housing your aquatic pets too.

Below is a video to show the view of the aquarium.

B). This product is from a top and reputable company that have supplied valuable, reliable, and high-quality aquatic products to me, they are the market leader in the aquatic business. They offer quality products to suit any budget.

C). This product is well researched and I have had experience using it. Above is a video that shows proof.

Benefits of the Aqua One Lifestyle 190

  1. It is suitable for coldwater and tropical.
  2. The LED light provides clearer, brighter, and more energy efficient lighting.
  3. It has a curved corner glass for seamless viewing.
  4. The convenient hinged hood allows easy access for feeding and maintenance.
  5. Each Lifestyle aquarium is equipped with a top filter to keep your aquarium water clear.
  6. The LifeStyle Cabinet range offers a strong and stylish design with storage space for aquarium equipment.

Despite the above mentioned benefits of the Aqua One Lifestyle 190, it would be too biased if i do not mention the problems i faced using the product, but i can assure you that they aren’t extraordinary problems, this is why i’ve provided my solutions, and also videos that create solutions to the problems.

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Below are the problems, and challenges i faced. The solutions to the problems are written after the problems.

Problems i Faced while Using the Aqua One Lifestyle 190

  1. The white lights on one of the LED lighting units became significantly dimmer for no apparent reason. A month or so later the same occurred to the blue lights on the other unit.
  2. Poor customer support.
  3. The heater is sold separately.
  4. The top filters get weakened and leak after many months of use.
  5. This product volume might be too small for your pets, depending on what you’ve planned.

Solutions to Each Problem Respectively

  1. You will have to purchase new LED lights to replace the dim ones and replace them as fast as possible.
  2. In case you have basic questions that are not urgent, you should read their frequently asked questions, the instruction manual, their tips, and troubleshooting, on their customer care page. Following is a link to the customer care page.
                                                                      So far with my research, i haven’t gotten a human customer care to talk to. This post will be updated once we confirm there is human customer care support we can talk to.
  3. The heater of the aquarium is sold separately, you can buy it separately from their store, a link to their store will be posted before the end of this article.
  4. Below is a video on how to solve the issue of filter leakage.

   5. In case you plan to have an extra-large aquarium that accommodates lots of fishes and other aquatic beings, aqua one lifestyle 190 is not the aquarium you should go for, because you’re going to need an extra large habitat for such a plan.

Before the end of this article, i will recommend good alternatives you need to check out.

What is the Aqua One Lifestyle 190 Price?

The aqua one lifestyle 190 price range from $500 upward, this depends on the particular store price. The above price is an estimate. The economy might have influenced the price of this product at the time you are reading this, therefore, the price is more than the estimation or lower than the estimation.

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Where can you Purchase the Aqua One Lifestyle 190?

You can purchase this product through the store site at the aqua one store. Following is a link to the aqua one store.

How to use the Aqua One Lifestyle 190

A manual has been created by the Aqua One compay on how to use the aquarium, and the following is a link to the manual.

How to Clean and Maintain the Aquarium

Below are videos that show you how to maintain your aquarium.

If there is a specific reason you don’t want the aqua one lifestyle 190, below are other alternatives i recommend.

Best Alternatives to the Aqua One Lifestyle 190

  1. AF OceanGuard 980 Aquarium (193 Gallon) – Ultra White – Aquaforest
  2. Nuvo INT 170 Aquarium With White APS Stand – Innovative Marine
  3. 7.5 Gallon Cube Tank – Low Iron Glass – Mr. Aqua

The aqua one lifestyle 190 changed my perspective and gave me a good experience in raising my aquatic pets and i believe it can help you too.

I hope this article above helps you clarify any doubts you have.